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Insurance companies don't always do the right thing.

We're here to make sure they play by the rules.

What to do when your insurance doesn't work?

We buy insurance to protect ourselves and our families.  When catastrophic and life changing events happen (fires, auto accidents, or disabling injuries), we feel safe, knowing insurance policies will protect our interests.  While this sometimes works, insurance companies deny claims, even when they shouldn't.

Your insurance company has a legal obligation to act in "good faith" when looking at your claim.  If they deny it while knowing it's covered under your policy, you'll want an insurance attorney to help you understand the situation and find a solution.

How can I tell my insurance isn't working?

While it is difficult to list every situation, your carrier may be acting in bad faith if it:

 - Refuses / fails to act reasonably and handle your claim quickly

 - Misrepresents important facts about your policy and it's provisions

 - Refuses to take action on your claim within a reasonable time

 - Fails to pay your claim without a reasonable investigation

 - Alters insurance documents without your knowledge or consent

 - Does protect your interests when liability has become reasonably clear

 - Fails to provide a reasonable explanation for your claim's denial

 - Advises you not to hire an attorney

While this is not a complete list, we hope you'll be better equipped to identify bad faith. 

What should I do if this happened to me?

If this sounds like your experience, call or email us.  Insurance attorneys can help keep big insurance companies in check, while advocating on your behalf. 


It's important to deal with these cases quickly to make sure you and your family is protected.  We will sit down with you and listen to your situation and let you know your options going forward.

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