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Living with a long-term disability is hard enough.

Disability Insurance shouldn't be difficult.

Disabilities are expensive, but resources are available 

Finding the right medical care and providing additional assistance are huge stressors for those with newfound disabilities, let alone paying for it.  Not only is it difficult for those who suffer, but the friends and family who care.  We can provide a way forward when things look tough or even bleak.

Disability insurance is available to any person who becomes unable to work for a long period of time, due to illness or injury.  These funds can help replace an income and pay for additional ongoing care.  Typically, disability funds come from public or private sources.

Disability funds are available to almost everyone

Anyone who has become disabled has access to disability benefits through Social Security.  For those who meet the legal definition of "disabled" are eligible to receive an income, health insurance, and other benefits.  Studies show that individuals represented by an attorney have a greater chance of receiving funds.   Even if you've been denied, many people successfully appeal their decision and receive benefits.   ​

Private insurance can cover potential challenges

Often purchased through employers, private disability insurance can also add to the public benefit provided through Social Security.  These claims can also get denied, but having a legal insurance expert in your corner can help you navigate complex situations.  These policies, typically written as a percentage of your income, are structured as a short-term or long-term policy, dictating the types and length of benefit.

While finding out you or a loved one have become disabled is beyond difficult, we can help you position yourself for long-term stability.  If you're confused or feel like you're not getting what was promised, reach out to our team.

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