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Health insurance is more complicated than ever.

We help you navigate murky waters.

Health insurance shouldn't be this complicated

Insurance is expensive, partially because medical bills are even more expensive.  So what happens when we pay our premiums, but still have huge medical expenses?  When your insurance company doesn't cover a life saving injury or treatment it can feel like a betrayal, especially when you don't know all of your options.

In a world with soaring healthcare costs and increasingly complicated rules, dealing with health insurance claims is no small task. Having a legal insurance expert can help ease the tension, while ensures the care and financial stability you paid for is available. We help file, appeal, and contest denied claims when insurance companies won't budge.


In the past few years, new state and federal health insurance laws have made disputes more complicated and expensive. Whether you have a HMO, PPO, or employer provided health care, issues are seldom easy, but having a trained expert on your team can help provide a better outcome.

How can you actually help me and my family?

We have helped individuals and families pay for the health care they need by forcing insurers to pay their claims. Other times, we help people prove they need a specific procedure or treatment.  Overall, were committed to creating positive outcomes for our clients across a range of of health insurance issues:

 - Delays and underpayments

 - Pre-existing conditions

 - Proving medical necessity

 - Workers compensation

 - Contractual disputes

 - Pre-certification

 - Unemployment (COBRA)

 - Experimental treatments

 - Out of Network conflicts

What should I do if I need help?

If this sounds like your experience, call or email us.  Insurance attorneys can help keep big insurance companies in check, while advocating on your behalf. 


It's important to deal with these cases quickly to make sure you and your family is protected.  We will sit down with you and listen to your situation and let you know your options going forward.

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