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Solutions through meaningful conversations.

Facilitating communication through mediation.

Mediation provides an alternate route to solve legal challenges.  Often time consuming and expensive, litigation can yield results that are in neither party’s interest.  Instead, attorneys look to trained mediators like L. Craig Nierman to objectively evaluate legal cases, identify client priorities, and create consensus between opposing parties.


Mediation depends on experienced professionals, who objectively evaluate and create solutions.

Craig has helped over x clients and attorneys, providing objective perspectives and building consensus.  Not only does Craig have a track record of delivering results, but he also trains other mediators.  His approach encourages cooperation and enhances communication.  In turn, priorities are quickly identified and issues are overcome.

By focusing on employment, business, and insurance mediations, Craig can effectively deploy his experience.  Practicing law for over 20 years, Craig has represented both sides of complex legal issues.  From businesses, employers, and health care systems, to individuals, employees, and patients, he has represented both sides of civil matters.  In addition to his legal work, he taught insurance and business law, serves nationally as an expert witness, and speaks at national conferences.  A mediation led by L. Craig Nierman is informed by his focused legal career.

Listen to a mediation training from L. Craig Nierman:

What is Mediation?

While difficult, mediation is a confidential negotiation between opposing parties.  Mediation are private negotiations led by an objective third party.

Critical to these negotiations, skillful and experienced mediators facilitate communication towards an agreement.  The mediator communicates with both sides privately, identifying each side’s merits and priorities.  As the mediator evaluates the case, they communicate this independent analysis of each side's strengths and weaknesses.  In doing so, a common ground is often identified, where opposing parties can find agreement.


Why Mediation?

An alternative to litigation, a successful mediation costs less and decreases risks for both parties.  Litigation often requires a significant amount of preparation, costing clients time and resources.  Court dates are often planned well in advance, leaving clients to wait without a solution.  With a well-run mediation, many cases can be resolved in as little as four hours.  In addition, by avoiding litigation's winner take all system, both parties can avoid “losing.”

Mediation also provide participants with tailored solutions.  Mediators independently evaluate the case, and can help craft a solution based on priorities.  While judges and juries determine litigation, clients agree in a mediation.  As such, even if one side "wins" during litigation, the solution might not be what they had envisioned.  Instead, mediators use their skills to craft solutions that satisfy both sides.

Great mediators enable attorneys to provide efficient and confidential solutions to legal challenges that mitigate risks often associated with litigation.  A powerful tool for reaching solutions, mediation can provide solutions for opposing parties.

Great mediators break through miscommunications and help both parties reach a conclusion that they can both agree on.

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